Club News by Karin Kirk


 Octavian Droobers Junior Club members successfully defended their title by winning the Yvette Baker Inter Club national trophy for the 4th year running, equalling the record. Thirty four OD juniors were entered into the final, and competed against 13 other teams at the event in Hawkbatch Wood, near Bewdley, Worcestershire, organised by Harlequins Orienteering Club.  

The very strong winds did not deter the team, even though the club tents blew down, and OD scored 885 points ahead of LOC, Lakes Orienteering Club 866, Sarum 851 and DEE 845. The 9 club scorers were Sophie Kirk W18 scoring maximum 100 points and coming 1st girl on the Green 3.6k course in 27.24mins and Matt Elkington M16 98 points 3rd boy on the Green in 22.38mins. Hamish Rogers M14 also scored maximum 100 points on the Light Green 2.9k course coming 1st in 18.31mins. Julie Emmerson W14 was 3rd scoring 98 points 22.40mins and Aimee Morse W14 6th 95 points 26.05mins both on the Light Green course.  

On the Orange 2.8k course Harrison McCartney M12 came 2nd scoring 99 points 17.19mins and Tamsin Alcock was 3rd scoring 98 points in 26.44mins. Jamie Nicolson M12 came 2nd in 13.53 mins on the Yellow 2.3k course scoring 99 points and Francesca Slade W14 was 3rd girl in 15.37mins earning 98 points. 

Club captain Andy Emmerson was extremely pleased with the team result and noted that many juniors had very good runs which pushed down the scores of runners from other teams. 


The club had a busy weekend and on Saturday Richard Gardner and a large team of club members organised the British Night Championships at Bentley Woods in North Warwickshire. Armed with head torches, maps and compasses over 300 runners from around the UK and overseas ran through the woods. 

Two club members had exceptional runs and were crowned champions: Anne Straube W35L won her 7k class in 74.16mins and Lesley Ross W45L also came 1st on her 5.6k course in 53.51mins. 

Other good runs were achieved by: Rachel Emmerson W16 2nd on the 4.6k course in 51.51mins, Riina Kuuselo 5th on the W21L course in 66.22mins, Liz Phillips W45 3rd on the 5.6k course in 60.46mins and Sheila Carey W65 2nd, Matt Elkington M16 5th on the 7k course in 55.51mins, Will Gardner M18 3rd in 75.10mins on the 8.4k course, Robert Gardner M20 2nd in 91.19mins on the 10.4k course, Sami Takaluoma M35L 3rd in 87.09mins on the 10.4k course, Barry Elkington M55 5th on the 7k course in 60.25mins and Mike Hampton M65 4th in 62.33mins on the 5.6k course.

7th February 2011


Octavian Droobers were celebrating winning eleven Midland orienteering titles at the championships staged on a very cold and overcast day in Sheringham Park, on the east coast of Norfolk. The terrain was tough, steeply contoured and the woods were full of impenetrable rhododendrons and holly thickets.

 Congratulations go to youngest winner Aimee Morse W14 winning her first midland title on the 3.6k course with 165 metres of climb in 40.58mins. She was joined by winning ladies: Riina Kuuselo W21E on the 8k course with a staggering 460 metres of climb in 1.06.42mins, Anne Straube W35 6k course, 330m climb in 59.27mins, Jane Halliday W50 5.7k 295m climb 1.03.48mins and Sheila Carey W65 4.5k, 230m climb in 47.39mins - 14 mins ahead of nearest rival! 


Matt Elkington M16 had a superb run and won on the 6.4k course with 310 climb in 50.59mins and Will Gardner M18E had an equally great run winning on the 9k course 470m climb in 1.05.50mins. New member Sami Takaluoma M35 won his event on the 9k course with 470metre climb in 1.20.01mins and Mike Hampton M65 5.7k 295m climb 55.10mins, Trevor Simpson M70 5k 275m climb 1.02.23mins and Frank Smith M80 4.5k 230m climb 1.51.16mins all claimed titles. Bruce Bryant came 1st on the M50 short 5.7k course in 55.38mins as did John Middler on the M55 short 5k in 1.03.06mins.

2nd February 2011