Each training session will begin with a safety briefing. These are always important and it is vital you listen as the coaches leading the sessions will be making sure you are as safe as possible whilst out training. Alongside this there will be a signing out sheet which will also ensure your safety as it allows us to keep track of who is out in the forest at any one time. (If you get an injury, walk back to the meeting area, or if the injury is bad, use your whistle to call for help. If an injury arises, there will always be a first aid kit on hand, and the coaches will always know the way to the hospital.)

At each training session you will need all of your orienteering kit – whistle, compass, pen, watch and any other items you usually use. You will also need plenty of food and drink as orienteering is thirsty work! Clothing suited to the conditions is important. Time spent standing around is time when you will be getting cold, and it is important to stay warm and have plenty of energy ready to go back out and do it all again!

To get the most out of each session:

  • Listen to any advice the coaches give you – they have years of experience!
  • Don’t be afraid to have a go at everything , you learn from your mistakes
  • Ask questions if you’re never sure
  • Be positive and enjoy every second!
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