The club has a distinctive kit made up of:

    • The Orienteering top .Three forms of the top are available, one a tight fitting stretch fabric (Noname Combat/Scimitar) and the other a mesh based (Trimtex O-Top). Two are short sleeved and  one with Long sleeves .
    • A club jacket
    • A running vest.
    • A Buff
    • T shirt
    • Zipped Hoodie

O tops - Noname Combat/ Trimtex Mesh/Scimitar 

The Noname Combat/Scimitar tops are currently available in sizes YS,YM,YL, XS, S, M L, and XL for £35 each. Childrens O tops are £25.

Trimtex Mesh O-Tops are available in sizes XS, S,M,L and XL priced at £35 each .

The Scimitar Long sleeved ones are £37 each


 OD Vests 

Scimitar running vests in a variety of sizes, both a loose fit and a more fitted one are available at £20 each.


OD Jackets

 OD Jacket


There are now two types of jacket one from Trimtex and a slightly different style from Scimitar both £40 .

The kit is available from Mel Elkington, email As time goes by, some sizes have sold out. If we don’t have a suitable size for you we will put you on the next order. We can arrange with you to view/try for size at mutually convenient events.


T shirts , Zipped Hoodies & Buffs

We have a range of AWDIS Cool black T shirts and AWDIS Varsity Zipped Hoodies.

Kids Kit - T shirts £6.50, Zipped Hoodie £14.50

Black T yellow logoAdults Kit - T shirts £7.50 , Zipped Hoodie £19.00                                        

T shirt sizes are from 24 " chest through to 56" chest. Zipped Hoodiess are measured in half chest and cms .They are from 39cms to 83 cms.We hold a range of these but not every size.


Buffs £6.50 File 15 08 2016 14 18 06

      Black zoodie Yellow logo






Odds and ends


Car stickers are available free of charge from the club shop. Orienteering Christmas Cards £3 per pack are available from the shop while stocks last.



Other orienteering equipment 

The shop currently stocks a few other essential orienteering equipment (Silva Wrist Compasses ,Base plate compasses and control holders ). These are also obtainable from specialist suppliers by mail order, on the web or at larger events.Specialist suppliers include:


Formline is the UK's primary online retailer of NVii shoes.

They are a new brand making innovative shoes for forest and trail. They also supply Str8 compasses


Compass Point





You may also wish to obtain electronic cards (e-cards), rather than hire them at each event. SportIdent cards are available from SportIdent UK .

Contact if you are having difficulty choosing or obtaining e-cards.

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