EMIT Controls – planner information

The OD EMIT controls are mounted on yellow fibreglass posts with printed plastic number boards. The mounting is in 2 forms - a small set ( the duplicates 116 to 125 and 160 and above) retain the ability to be used flat or on posts while all the other controls are permanently fixed to their posts and can only be used as full size controls. Controls can be used with banners or in more open areas can be used with just the stake and number board.

Controls are normally allocated out to the recurring club events, divided between the schools work, informal Wednesday and Saturday events and the remaining held as spares or for coaching. Where necessary, the sets are brought together for larger events. In normal use the allocations are:

  • Schools                     160 to 179 (fixed) & 160 to 178 (fixed or flat)
  • Weds/Sat                   101 to 149 (all fixed) and 116 to 125 (fixed or flat)
  • Other events             150 to 159 (fixed)

 Note that controls marked as fixed CANNOT be used as flat controls.  

Planners should aim to use controls in the ‘duplicate’ range 116 to 125 where 2 controls are required at a site. It is confusing to the competitors and the EMIT software if different control numbers are used at the same control site so this should be avoided if possible.

For Weds and Saturdays we have 120 to 179.  The following are absent and cannot be used 124, 125 131, 134, 141, 147, 154 and 157. If in doubt contact equipment@octavian-droobers.org

Event equipment - organisers 

Other equipment is required by the organiser for almost every event. There is a standard set of equipment that supports the informal events and this is usually passed directly between event organisers along with the EMIT controls.

For larger events or events with additional requirements, there is a list of the additional equipment available. The OD website (Members menu - Event Officials section) has a set of Organisers Guidelines which will help organisers work out the equipment they need.

Please contact Liz or Graham Urquhart (equipment@octavian-droobers.org) if you need these to check availability and arrange collection, or if you require any other equipment to run your event. 

EMIT Cards 

The club has 9 sets of EMIT cards for hire, and most events use 2 or more. Each box contains 40 to 60 cards. All the EMIT Cards are Type 3 with a competitor display.

There is a list of the cards set out in a form to help run an informal event that can be downloaded here.