SportIdent Controls – planner information

The OD SI controls are mounted on yellow fibreglass posts with printed plastic number attached to the top of the control. The controls are to be added to the stakes as they are put out and they should have a banner and a backup pin punch added at that time. Controls must be turned on (by punching them with an SI card) less than 12 hours before the 1st competitor will reach the control.

There are 2 boxes of controls. Planners should choose one box when this has sufficient controls, but either or both may be used at an event. Only controls numbers withih these ranges are availble.

  • Box 1 has controls in the range 171 to 210
  • Box 2 has controls in the range 211 To 248
  • Planners should allow for a few spares to cover failure, perhaps those numbered over 245.

All these controls are SIAC enabled and many competitors will be using SIAC card for touch free punching. It is therefore very unlikely at most events that a duplicate control will be needed except at the Start or Finish. At very large events duplicates can be programmed in exceptional circumstances, and we would aim to hire or borrow controls if you need more than 70 control sites.

There are 2 each of Clear, Check, Start & Finish controls and a SIAC battery check control in the Start/Finish control box.

The clocks in the controls will slowly drift overtime, and while this does not prevent the delivery of accurate resutls, it does make for inaccurate split times. Instructions to set a control's time to same time as an SI master  are provided. All the clocks are reset when the clocks go back or forward.

If in doubt contact

Event equipment - organisers 

Other equipment is required by the organiser for almost every event. There is a standard set of equipment that supports the informal events and this is usually passed directly between event organisers along with the controls.

For larger events or events with additional requirements, there is a list of the additional equipment available. The OD website (Members menu - Event Officials section) has a set of Organisers Guidelines which will help organisers work out the equipment they need.

Please contact Liz or Graham Urquhart ( if you need these to check availability and arrange collection, or if you require any other equipment to run your event. 

Hire e-Cards 

The club has 40 SI cards for hire. These are almost all of SI Type 8, are limited to 30 punches and do not support touch free punching.

There are a further 20 Type 9 cards whohc allow up to 50 punches and do not support touch free punching. 

If it is intended to offer hire cards for courses with more than 30 controls you should allocate Type 9 hire cards for these courses. If you wish to offer the option of SIAC enabled hire cards or will need extra hire cards, contact for guidance.