Suzanne Humphries, Vice Captain, thanked all the 58 club members who ran, scrambled and slipped on the very steep slopes of The Wrekin, in Shropshire. It was a great team effort winning 8 out of the 10 classes and amassing 2401 points well ahead of Harlequins 2339 points. The club will now go forward to the national interclub Compass Sport final which will be held on 20 October in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Iain Embrey was the winner of the long Brown 6k course with 290 metres of climb, earning 100 points and completing the course in 52.49mins. Also on the Brown course was Iain Botheroyd who ran round in 60.42mins scoring 97 points, Chris McCartney 69.30mins and 94 points and new member Ondrej Bajgar 81.22mins and 92 points. The Blue Cup course was 4.7k long with 200 metres of climb and Will Gardner scored the maximum 100 points coming in first in 36.31mins, Matthew Elkington was 2nd in 40.57mins, scoring 99 points, Andy Emmerson 57.20mins and 94 points, Barry Elkington 58.56mins and 93points and Harrison McCartney 59.32mins and 92 points.

Amy Sarkies was the class winner on the Blue Women’s 4.5k course with 230 metres of climb recording 53.37mins and 100 points, Anne Straube took 59.21mins and 98 points and Sophie Kirk 64.27mins and 90 points. Mike Hampton took 52.34mins and scored 96 points on the 3.7k, 160 metres of climb, Green Men’s course.

On the Green Women’s course, Julie Emmerson was the class winner scoring 100 points and taking 40.06mins to race around the 3.4k course with 130 metres of climb. On the same course Aimee Morse finished in 54.22mins scoring 96 points and Suzanne Humphries took 55.07mins scoring 94 points. There were three scorers on the Short Green 2.7k course with 120 metres of climb: Sheila Carey who won the class scoring 100 points and taking 38.45mins, Margaret Willdig 47.18mins and scoring 96 points and Roger Hailey 54.19mins and 90 points.

The juniors on the Light Green 2.6k Course with 110 metres of climb did very well and Hamish Rogers won the Men’s class scoring 100 points, taking only 20mins to complete the course and his sister Heather won the Women’s class also earning 100 points taking 28.36mins. Stephen Elkington took 23.49mins and scored 92 points and Rachel Johnson took 40.04mins earning 96 points. On the Orange 2.6k course with 80 metres of climb club juniors Ella-Rose McCartney scored 100 points taking 29.37mins and William Heaton scored 92 points taking 44.10mins.

19th February 2013

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