Donated by Bob Carey Senior to be awarded to the club junior member who has achieved the most outstanding result or set of results during the year, particularly in respect of such events as the JK and British Championships. The trophy is presented at the club Christmas party in December.

2022 The M14 relay team that finished 3rd in the British Championships. Rupert Powell, Adam Landels, Max Straube-Roth.
2021 Max Straube-Roth
2020 No competition
2019 Max Straube-Roth
2018 Florence and Tabitha Lunn
2015 Harrison McCartney
2014 Nathan Lawson
2013 Julie Emmerson
2012 Julie Emmerson
2011 William Gardner and
Matthew Elkington
2010 Harrison McCartney
2009 Matt Halliday
2008 Sophie Kirk
2007 Matthew Halliday
2006 Iain Embrey
2005 Jessica Halliday
2004 Graham Gristwood
2003 Jessica Halliday
2002 Nadine Wright
2001 Dan & Jessica Halliday
2000 Nadine Wright
1999 Joanna Halliday
1998 Nadine Wright
1997 James Furness
1996 Tom Bates
1995 James Furness
1994 Jamie Doe


2013 Julie Emmerson
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