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If you want to view the tracks you will need the PIN for that course

MapRun Course Name PIN to access Track on results page
OD WMR2 Atherstone Long 6632
OD WMR2 Atherstone Medium 9024
OD WMR2 Atherstone Short 8712
OD WMR1 Hinckley SW Long 8963
OD WMR1 Hinckley SW Medium 5428
OD WMR1 Hinckley SW Short 2495

MapRun Autumn / Winter Series 20/21 Results

MapRun Course Name PIN to access Track on results page
OD WMR7    Nuneaton Crowhill XLong 2433
OD WMR7    Nuneaton Crowhill Long 7302
OD WMR7    Nuneaton Crowhill Medium 3933
OD WMR7    Nuneaton MaplePark Short 5732
OD WMR6 NewboldComyn Long 4924
OD WMR6 NewboldComyn Medium 0845
OD WMR6 NewboldComyn Short 9982
OD WMR5 Nuneaton RiversleyPark Medium 4962
OD WMR5 Nuneaton RiversleyPark Sprint 9552
OD WMR4 RugbySW Long 5483
OD WMR4 RugbySW Medium 5122
OD WMR4 RugbySW Short U16 No PIN
OD WMR3 Nuneaton Long 7543
OD WMR3 Nuneaton Medium 7672
OD WMR3 Nuneaton Short 9421
OD WMR2 RugbySW Long 9761
OD WMR2 RugbySW Medium v2 8472
OD WMR2 RugbySW Short v2 7126
OD WMR2 RugbySW VShort 8303
OD WMR2 RugbySW Junior U16 (Course closed) No PIN
OD AMR1 Hawkesbury Long 9014
OD AMR1 Hawkesbury Medium 2901
OD AMR1 Hawkesbury Short 9231