Click HERE for a PDF of the results.

Tech1 results on MapRun: here     PIN to view tracks: 9781
Tech2 results on MapRun: here     PIN to view tracks: 3321

Planner's comments:

Thank you all for coming along on what was such a perfect July evening.  The Park, a few days earlier celebrated its 100-year birthday - and it is certainly looking good for her age,
I pinched Mark Rookledge's event format from Borough Hill - with 2 x courses and 2 x MapRun courses.   
Unfortunately, the SI control 231 on Medium was mis-placed, whereby earlier runners lost time.  The control was corrected for the later runners.    
My thanks to Liz and Bruce prior to the event; Jane and Margaret for assistance with admin on the evening; and Duncan, Will, Richard and Sian for control collection. I was in the pub by 9.
    A compass with a yellow cord was left behind. I will take to Draycote.

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