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Organisers’ report

We had to do a lot of “feeling our way” in organising the event due to COVID 19 upsetting practised methods and our first encounter with the Club’s new SI equipment. We were luck in having the area virtually to ourselves although it was a shame that entries were limited to 45 as we could have accommodated double and not been a problem. It would have made the organising effort more worthwhile as well.

We had some lovely comments about our courses. The long was a bit on the short side as it is difficult to get long courses in Pooley Fields without retracing your steps. The extra climb probably made up for that. A cold April meant the nettles and undergrowth had not grown too much which made for easier running and the controls easier to spot. It is a shame about the proliferation of BMX tracks which can be dangerous when cyclists are descending at speed. We had to try and avoid route choices which ran along them. Luckily there were very few cyclists around.

Thanks to Margaret for the permissions, Lesley for Fabian, Bruce for maps, Graham and Liz for download and SI advice, Sue, Greta, Andy and Jill for helping and for you all for coming and making life feel a bit more normal.

We both retired home content but exhausted and fell asleep in our armchairs.

Thelma and Sue

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