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Planner's comments:

Ryton Pools Schools Championships

Firstly, thank you to the teachers and parents for bringing the children to the event at this rather uncertain time. Well done Karin for getting such a good turnout. The future wellbeing of Octavian Droobers, one of the top clubs in the country, is in the youngsters.

The weather was kind to us although it was a little muddy in places, but the children didn’t seem to mind and all appeared to have enjoyed the experience.

Well done to all the children finishing their courses, especially the ones doing it for the first time. An orienteering map is very different to any map they may have seen before.

Children:- If you enjoyed the event, bully your teachers/parents into taking you to another one from the list you were given after you finished.

Congratulations to the individual and team winners.

The children on the White and Yellow courses went round without mis-punching unlike some older experienced orienteers who didn’t read the control code or description and mistook a thicket with a ditch NW end (147 & 126)!!!!!

It was interesting standing at the start and watching competitors on the Light Green course going to the first control, an accurate compass bearing could have saved a lot of meandering.

Thanks to all the Droobers who came along and helped on the day, to the start,finish and registration teams, to Bruce for constant map updates and sorting out the printers, to Mykyta , Bob B., John M. and Sheila for control collection and to Graham and Liz for download and taking a load of equipment home with them.


Pete Carey

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