Results pdf:

clrfinal (20200202.02).pdf  updated 09.02.20




Organisers comments:

Due to misplaced controls that affected several runners on Green/Blue courses it has been decided to void control number 12 on the Green Course and control number 7 on the Blue course. We apologise to those that were affected and believe this decision makes it fair under the circumstances.

I would like to thank you all for coming to Hartshill today in what proved to be a nice warm/dry day. I would especially like to thank our planner David and controller Kerstin for volunteering their hard work and providing excellent challenging courses. Many positive comments were received about the full range of courses from young and old (slightly older) alike.

A special thanks go to the army of helpers without whom this event would not be possible. I always appreciate your support.

The Caretaker Doug and Business manager Claire at Michael Drayton school could not be more helpful at offering their excellent facilities.

Many thanks

Chris McCartney


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