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[-] Easy Course

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Noah Burbridge   M10 00:34:08  
2 Jarvis Allen WCH M10 00:36:49  
3 Imogen Allen WCH W8 00:38:13  
4 Charlotte Sansom     01:25:05  
MP Chloe Newsom Warwick Mountains W21 -- 111 visited out of sequence.
MP Chris Hickey   M21 -- 111 visited out of sequence.

[-] Medium Course

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Bruce Bryant OD M60 00:36:45  
2 Liz Phillips OD W55 00:42:24  
3 Mike Hampton OD M70 00:46:35  
4 Chris Dwyer OD M65 00:51:42  
5 John Marriott LEI M70 00:52:31  
6 Liz Godfree DVO W70 00:55:08  
7 Peter Hornsby LEI M65 00:58:23  
8 Ross Dryhurst DVO M16 00:58:50  
9 Rachel Alexander OD W60 01:02:26  
10 Iain Phillips LEI M50 01:02:54  
11 Leo Morgado OD M45 01:06:01  
12 John Bowman OD M75 01:06:26  
13 Lin Page OD W60 01:15:27  
14 Peter Leake LEI M80 01:18:09  
15 Jonah Hearn WCH M10 01:18:48  
16 Elizabeth Urquhart OD W65 01:31:18  
17 Graham Urquhart OD M65 01:32:29  
18 Phillip Broadhead WRE M90 01:47:34  
MP Daniel Dalton   M20 01:20:53 MP 142
MP Sue Bicknell OD W75 01:04:57 MP 140
DNF Thao Nguyen Warwick Mountains W28 01:25:18 MP several
DNF Jinping Ma   W30 01:23:06 MP several

[-] Long Course

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Kin Wai OD M21 00:40:33  
2 David Thacker OD M40 00:42:34  
3 Chris McCartney OD M50 00:44:32  
4 Mike Snell OD M60 00:47:51  
5 Harriet Lawson & Luke Cowap OD W21/M21 00:51:30  
6 Mykta Chubynsky OD M40 00:58:12  
7 Bob Brandon OD M70 00:57:56  
8 Mike Godfree DVO M70 01:00:07  
9 Stuart Turnbull N/A M55 01:00:08  
10 Stan Alexander OD M65 01:02:52  
11 Doug Dickinson DVO M70 01:08:03  
12 Steve Edgar LEI M50 01:09:39  
13 James Hamilton   M45 01:16:58  
DNF John Broadhead WRE M60 -- MP several


Organiser's comments:

Thank you to everyone who came to Pooley Fields on Saturday morning.  We had a dry day from start to finish, and even some sunshine, which was lucky considering the recent weather.  Having said that, I doubt if anybody left the lower field with dry feet?  There was a lot more flooding the day before.

It was good to see some newcomers at the event.  I hope we can see you again soon.

Apologies for failures on two controls affecting the long and easy courses.  I have adjusted the run times to take out the affected legs.

Many thanks to all those who helped before the event and on the day, particularly to John Middler for being there from the early rush to end of packing up, to Karin Kirk for meeting and greeting, and to Mykyta Chubynsky and Bob Brandon for control collecting.

Liam Chapple

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