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Organiser's comments:

The Itchington Holt wood maybe small compared to other orienteering terrain, however is perfectly formed.  An area of woodland well worth at least one orienteering visit, if only to enjoy the surroundings on a sunny Sunday.   We need to thank Paul Forknall, the Estate Manager,  for his positive assistance in making the event happen.     Tony’s planning will become legendary – with what some might describe as his super middle distance courses.   The planning and the organising of the event benefitted greatly from the controlling of Ben Green from the Thames Valley Club.  Thank you Ben.

And so the event ran smoothly, with the Droober helpers turning up and getting on with their allocated tasks.   Control collectors being Laura; Anne & Max; Will; Roman; Ollie & Felix; and John Ward.    Thank you all for coming to take part.


Planner’s comment:

I always enjoy planning and am very grateful for advice received form both Ben and Bruce, especially in where to have map turnovers in order to make the maps as readable as possible. I note from the results that an unusually large number of runners are down as having miss-punched, although do not know the exact details of these. The small nature of the area makes it inevitable that controls on similar features may be close together, but I tried to ensure that the nearby control numbers were sufficiently significant to minimise the risk of a mis-punch. I did hear 1 comment that 153 and 163 were too close together, but one was a tree and the other a bush .....

Winning times appear reasonable (how can Will G run so quick on the brown??) although the 3 green courses appear a little short - it would have been very different 6 weeks ago when all the leaves were still on the trees! 
Thanks to all those who collected controls in my absence.



Controller’s comments:

I would like to congratulate Tony on an excellent job planning the courses. I don't think I heard a single complaint. Thanks are also due to Bruce for making the maps pretty readable -- not the easiest task given the high density of controls. Finally, I can't fault the organisation, for which Bob Brandon must take great credit. I look forward to running in the next event at Itchington Holt - could there even be room for a black course?

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