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[-] Yellow (Length 1.1km, 9 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Adam Landels OD M8 8:58  
2 Max Straube-Roth OD M10 12:37  
3 Charlotte Wheeler IND W9 14:54  
2nd run James Gould IND M10 5:58  
2nd run Melanie Gould IND W13 6:50  

[-] Orange (Length 2.3km, 14 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Ralph Ireland OD M12 17:34  
2 James Gould IND M10 20:12  
3 Michael Hadland OD M50 21:46  
4 Melanie Gould IND W13 23:23  
5 Kimberley Lunn OD W45 24:35  
6 Nida Siddiqis OD W21 25:29  
7 Alan Marshall & Siobhan Cotter IND M/W50 25:57  
8 Isla Prince IND W12 26:56  
9 Poppy Allen IND W12 27:06  
10 Josie Smart OD W14 32:45  
11 Lorrain Saunders & Andrew Lucas IND W45 / M40 35:26  
12 Savannah Bowen OD W10 40:02  
13 Mary Janiec IND W16 40:39  
2nd run Charlotte Wheeler OD W9 50:11  

[-] Medium (Length 3.6km, 18 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTime PenaltyNett Time
1 Daniel Roth OD M45 31:15  11 33:15
2 Sheila Carey OD W70 31:44 14,16  35:44
3 Florence Lunn OD W14 33:50 16  35:50
4 Graham Horrocks NWO M55 34:54 16  36:54
5 Mark Sherriff LEI M55 34:59 16  36:59
6 Matt Brambrook OD M14 36:29 16  38:29
7 Margaret Willdig OD W65 37:55 16  39:55
8 Pete Carey OD M70 40:43   40:43
9 Anup Das OD M35 37:29 12,16  41:29
2nd run Ralph Ireland OD M12 40:51 12  42:51
11 John Middler OD M65 42:02 16  44:02
12 Sue Hallett OD W70 44:19   44:19
13 John Bowman OD M75 47:27   47:27
14 Lin Page OD W60 47:35   47:35
15 Peter Leake LEI M75 49:21 16  51:21
16 Jane Stew OD W60 49:47  12 51:47

[-] Long (Length 6.1km, 26 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimePenaltyNett Time
1 Felix Lunn OD M16 37:35   37:35
2 Alistair Landels OD M50 36:52  6 38:52
3 Chris McCartney OD M45 40:18   40:18
4 Rob Bambrook OD M45 40:25 42:25
5 Russell Finch SWOC M50 44:34   44:34
6 Ian Bond RAFO M35 43:23 6,18,25  49:23
7 Mykyta Chubynsky OD M40 49:46   49:46
8 John Smith OD M50 52:40   52:40
9 Keith Willdig OD M65 54:39   54:39
10 Bob Brandon OD M65 54:59   54:59
11 Mike Snell OD M60 48:41 17,19,20,24  56:41
12 Mike Baggott OD M65 53:34 2,20  57:34
13 Roman Kotechj OD M65 60:11 20  62:11
14 Harry Boswell IND M35 71:19 2,20  75:19
15 Amanda Powell COBOC W50 67:32 6,7,18,25  75:32

Organiser's comments:

Brueton provided a glorious summer’s evening and a nettle-free run around the park and associated meadows for almost 50 orienteers. I would particularly like to thank Karin, John, Rob and Greta for helping all the very keen competitors get started while I was still running round with controls. (Note to future organisers: allow an hour more than you expect to get all the griplocks in place.) Although the badgers seemed to object to the control in their pit and moved it late on, most of the others stayed put, so I hope the runners were able to enjoy deciding which controls to select rather than do too much hunting.

Multiple choice controls on the Medium and Long courses required careful reading of the control descriptions, differentiating east side of west tree from west side of east tree, and remembering that east and west are different from left and right especially when running south. The most difficult choice proved to be on the Medium course at control 16, where many selected the prominent control on the south side of the isolated tree, which was to the west of the copse, rather than the east side of the most westerly tree within the copse. Daniel Roth achieved the fastest time on the Medium despite carrying a two minute penalty. On the Long, a clean run by Felix Lunn allowed him to finish ahead of Alistair Landels carrying one uncharacteristic error.

On the shorter courses, which didn’t have these added complications, Adam Landels won the Yellow and Ralph Ireland the Orange, while James Gould did extremely well to finish second on the Orange and then show just how fast one could run around the Yellow course to the annoyance of his sister.

Final thanks to Mykyta and Bob for helping collect the controls and to Sam Leadley for planning the courses.


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