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Organiser's comments:

Organising a WMLeague event was obviously a step up from a local event, however it was made easier by having a Planner already lined up (Thank you David Chandler for doing such a great job and so well supported by Roger Thetford, TVOC – Controller) and being relatively close to home too. Fortunately following a quick site visit to Burton Dassett, the key organising requirements fell into place on locations and keys tracked down for relevant gates. Now to request for volunteers to make it all happen and I was grateful to receive so many offers that in the end everything ran smoothly on the day - a total of 114 runners and the only known complaints were that it was too hot and too hilly! Fortunately outside the control of the Organiser, Planner and Controller on the weather at least!!

The weather was certainly one of the biggest factors to contend with; hats, sun cream, plenty of water and given the terrain/grassland of Burton Dassett the decision to allow runners to run in shorts if they preferred. This was certainly different weather environment to the Saturday/Wednesday events that I have previously organised.

Thanks must go to the following: Pre-Event support; Barry Elkington & Warwickshire Country Parks Rangers team. Car Parks; Phil May, John Bowman & Mark Rookledge. Meet & Greet; Andy & Jill Emmerson. Enquiries/Registration/First Aid; Liz Urquhart, Sue Bowman & Mel Elkington. Start; Alistair Landels & Juliette Soulard. Download; Graham Urquhart, Rob & Josie Smart. Control collection & anything else; John Ward, Kirsten Strain, Barry Elkington, Paul Gregson & Anne Straube.

Many thanks

Tom Jeffries


Planner's comments:

Having completed the Level C Planner's course last year, I thought I should step up and take on the challenge of planning a regional event for the first time. Burton Dassett presented a good opportunity as a compact area that I already knew well. In such an open area dominated with large contour features a physical challenge was guaranteed (even when it's not so hot!), so the goal was to try and make the courses for experienced orienteers an interesting mental challenge too. Hopefully this was the end result. Thanks to Roger for his valuable input to the courses and general assistance as controller throughout, was a pleasure to work with. Thanks to Tom for organising and Bruce for updating the map, everything seemed to go very smoothly on the day. To anyone who has planned local events and would be interested in doing a level C I can recommend it!


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