Click HERE for a pdf of the results.


Organiser's comments:

The weather forecast for this event was a bit grim, with storm Georgina passing over the area. Fortunately, the worst of the storm passed by around 1.30pm and it stopped raining at that time. I was able to put out the controls between 2 and 4pm. It only started raining again as it turned dark and the early runners set off. It was an enjoyable event and I tried to set a challenging course. Congratulations to all those who managed to get all 27 controls within the time limit, especially Felix Lunn who was the only competitor to go under 40 minutes.

I am most grateful for the assistance of Richard Gardner, Bob Brandon, Mykyta Chubynsky, Anne and Max Straube for collecting controls.

The next night event is next Wednesday in Memorial Park, hosted by Bob. See you all there.


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