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Oganiser's Comments:

What a great day it turned out to be at Bentley Woods, on the Merevale Estate last Sunday.   We are are really lucky to have such a lovely place for Anne Straube to put on such true Championship courses.  We are so indebted to Rod Duggerby for allowing us access to the Estate - whatever we asked for - there was never a no from him.  Thank you all for keeping off the estate roadway verge.

12 months ago, when various parking opportunities evaporated, it was Margaret Willdig who came up with the idea of parking in Atherstone itself - and it is 'free' on Sundays !.  The local authority was supportive of the plan.  And the Co-op allowed us some spaces (I can recommend their bacon roll).  The parking team were in the main non-orienteers - so a great vote of thanks go to them.

Les Ross must be congratulated for taking the entries for the two days.  Some of you ask a such lot of an entries secretary.   Nevertheless, Les sorted everyone out - and always with a smile.     Her sister Mel, also a good smiler, was your first aid cover for the weekend and also in charge of Bibs.    Their Mum, Hilary took on the onerous task of keeping track of the 2016 trophy winners, making sure that all trophies were in place on the day for Ray Collins to present to the new Midlands Champions.

Sue Bicknell volunteered early on, to look after the Start for me. It was a rejief to have the start in such good hands.   Sue succeeded in creating a remote start-line, away from the melee of the pre-start.  The five minute call up with loooong start boxes achieved this well, resulting in a tranquil 'minus one' for all. Sue's band of helpers kept you all in check, issuing the EMITags before sending you on your way. The EMITags can be fiddly to attach to yourself, competitors found it helpful on both days to have this done for them by the “excellent helpers” at the Start.

A vital part of the OD Team is Michael Napier (NOC), who we could really not do without at large events .  Michael comes in on the day and simply (to him) does his stuff with the IT.   We had the extra pressure of using the fly-by EMITags for our first time.   These worked well and it was good to have Alan Farrington (The EMIT man) up for the weekend, to explain how it all works.

The string course was provided by the Landels family – Alistair who created the map  - Adam (7 years) who planned the course, with Juliette in charge of the download.   Those who took part enjoyed the longer than usual String Challenge

The Elite Start and the road crossings were always going to be a problem, as there being nowhere to park any cars nearby.  Maybe I should have asked the Elite to look after their own Start.   Those on that Start and at the Road Crossings were in two shifts who  had to run / walk the 1.8 km both ways - help and run.  Surely their own performances would be deemed as below par.     Most of you are aware of the incident whereby a road marshal was ignored.  The case is being investigated.    

The list of helpers is endless so I cannot mention all.  However I was particularly grateful to Liam Chapple; Dave Chandler and others for being there at the ‘crack of dawn’ (unphased by the change to BST).  Rob Smart throughout the day was troubleshooting any snag that might arise.   The Club Juniors are a credit, helping in many ways – the future of Octavian Droobers is looking good.

Finally thank you's to Bruce Bryant for the excellent map: to Anne for the courses; to Liz Phillips our Safety officer; and finally I thank  Controller Chris Burden (AIRE), a wise man before, during and after the day.






I picked up a blue plastic bag containing some wet O kit from the marquee today, anyone lost it?

Pair of 8.5 Innova Rocklite black shoes, pair of Trimtex gaiter, pair of socks and a pair of black lycras, medium size with a blue flash.

They are washed and awaiting their owner.



Grey 'Divided' hoodie

Black/Blue Adidas bag containing water bottle

claim from

Grey 'Divided' hoodie
Black/Blue Adidas bag containing water bottle
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