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Organisers Comments:

I promised no rain and duly delivered (OK it was cold but you can't have it all).

Then lots of people turned up for a fine day of Orienteering in Brandon Wood. As a result we ended up having to recycle several orange maps so apologies to those people who had a wait at the start.

If you would like a map copy please e-mail and she can either post it on or e-mail a copy to you.

However, for those new to Orienteering you can see your map and all other courses by looking at routegadget. You can even put your course in and compare to others! Click the link below to access this

It was great to see so many newcomers, youngsters and families at the event. I hope you all enjoyed it and come back for more. Graeme - Good bravery tackling a light green first time out!

For those that have never organised a larger event before it really is simple - before the event and on the day itself everybody is so helpful and makes life very easy. I even managed to get a run in myself (albeit very slowly). I would like to thank all the helpers for their support.

I would like to thank planner Sue and controller Andy for planning courses that challenged and made the best use of the area.

Chris McCartney


Planner’s Comments:

Having already planned several times at Brandon I knew that my favourite part was Piles Coppice so I was determined you would all visit it at some time. Blue and Brown might feel they did so too often but I hope even they enjoyed its runability. It did mean that the Junior courses were quite tricky but all seemed to manage. My other like in planning is to avoid lots of dead path running hence all courses had lots of controls. This helped mitigate the complexity for the White and Yellow courses and, hopefully, kept everyone else focused.

Almost the best part of the event was seeing the sun rise through the trees. Early morning is not normally my thing so I was well rewarded for my efforts. I was also rewarded by so many of you turning up to run. Apologies to those who had to wait for maps. There seemed far more competitors than usual for West Midland events. Thanks must go to the Organiser, Chris McCartney, for rushing about recycling the maps.

I must also thank my Controller, Andy Yeates, for his helpful suggestions and guidance.

Then thanks to all my control collectors, Pete and Sheila Carey, Margaret and Keith Willdig, Jane Stew, John Ward, Stan Alexander, Dave Chandler and Nadine Wright.

Finally I must especially thank my fellow planner Nadine Wright who not only planned some of the courses but kept me from stressing over the ones I had done. It was also great to have a decisive companion while picking control sites. We put out the controls together – well I carried and she ran between sites making it all a lot faster.

Sue Hallett

PS If anyone who allowed us to reuse their map wants a copy just let me know.

Or you could look at it on Routegadget

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