Please click HERE for a .pdf of the Final results

nb. Processing these results involved a lot of manual typing to allow for removing the Timeout crossings and removing a leg on course 4.  So plenty of opportunity for typo's.  Let me know if something doesn't look correct.

I must give thanks to Alistair Landels, all the Oxtoby family and John Middler, who all ensured dowload kept working.  Also to Lucy who manually checked through the enteries to ensure every runner had returned.

Also to Lucy, Pippa & Josie for re-entering all the details on Sunday evening; and to those who've offered to assist with additional processing.

Thanks for your patience,



Controller comments:
"It is as always a pleasure to work together with OD and Marks courses were great. However it was very unfortunate that we were not aware of the closed gate by the museum. After receiving feedback from runners, we decided to inform the other competitors at start. Hence the decision have been taken to void leg 1-2 on course 4 not to give any competitors an unfair advantage."
Organiser Comments:
"The hardest task as an organiser of an outdoor event is to make sure the weather is nice. This bit went very well indeed, I don't think we couldn't have wished for a more pleasant day in October and this brought a lot of competitors to our event. OD helpers turned out in good numbers too, very many of them, just to help, and I am very grateful to each of them. Mark, ably controlled by Kirsten, designed very good courses, which had people animatedly discussing their routes afterwards. I received two complaints from competitors on course 4 who attempted the route choice through the museum on the way to control 2, but were held back by a closed gate and needed to retrace their steps. As the time lost was significant, we decided to remove the time for that leg for course 4. That wasn't the end of challenges though. Our results team met some technical difficulties and had to switch to the paper-based backup system early on. However, they did so in style and thanks to Rob Smart and his family we got results timely for almost all competitors, corrected for the timed-out sections, even though it meant a lot of manual data entry. So I think we can look back at a successful event, which was a joy to organise with such a great team of helpers."
Best wishes,



Download Comments:

Well, today was a certently a memorable day for download.  With Graham off in Italy, I was left in charge.  It didn't go well.  The generator kept cutting out, this was stopping entry data getting input and we started to get a bit behind.  The next tier of the disater plan is to run off a battery, I tried this option, but there was a battery fault, so that failed.  Hey-ho I stayed with the generator, but it kept cutting out.

Then a bad day on download took a turn for the worse, the network repeatedly dropping out caused the computer file to get courrupted. We lost all IT!

So we went to the next level of the disaster plan, and downloaded using the simple download kit.

Back at home I've recreated the event file, and re-downloaded the hired Brikkes, but stil have to make manual adjustments for runners who used their own Brikkes.

That leaves us with lots of manual calculations to take account of the timed-out road crossings.  

I'll get this done as soon as I can, but there will be a delay in posting the results.  Hopefully before next weekend.

I hope you all enjoyed your runs, there were many positive comments and the Autumn weather was lovely.

watch this space.


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