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Planner's comments:

Planning suitable courses at Pooley Country Park was challenging due to the size and topography of the area.  I tried to maintain the correct level of Technical Difficulty and course lengths, especially for the competitive YBT courses. The controller, Robert Vickers HOC provided invaluable help and advice and kept me on the straight and narrow.  One of the best controllers I have worked with.  Thank you very much Robert.  Planning was done over several weeks prior to the event and the vegetation has shot up as some tingling legs will testify.  I did try to thrash down the nettles in obvious places, but could not account for all route choices.
The weather was perfect on the day.  Courses were all out checked and ready to go in good time.  I am also happy to report that there was no damage or vandalism and more importantly, everybody seemed to enjoy their course.  The best comment was from Hilary who complimented me by saying that her green course was ideal training for both of next weeks sprint and middle British Champs.  Needless to say there were a few miss punches due to either navigation or light strikes at the controls.
A big thank you to the control collectors, Felix and Oliver Lunn, Gerry Spalton, Liz Urquhart and Bob Brandon.
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