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[-] Yellow (Length 1.5km, 9 Controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Beatrice Downing Ind W10 16.57  
2 Steve Gray + Tina Gray Ind M50 + W50 24.06  
3 Tilly Flippance OD W8 24.35  
4 Chris Markham + Summer Court OD M10 + W7 27.32  
5 Eleanor Martin OD W10 29.47  
  Owen Martin OD M10 25.16 missing no. 9

[-] Orange (Length 2.7km, 13 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Jacob Mead Ind M10 30.31  
2 Florence Lunn OD W12 30.48  
3 Tabitha Lunn OD W12 31.10  
4 Finley Flippance OD M10 59.04  
5 Max Straube-Roth OD M6 61.19  

[-] Medium (Length 4.2km, 17 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Anne Straube OD W40 30.06  
2 Oliver Flippance OD M14 35.30  
3 Steph Howarth OD W21 38.04  
4 Margaret Willdig OD W60 41.31  
5 Peter Markham OD M12 43.58  
6 Liam Kincaid Ind M21 46.19  
7 Jane Stew OD W55 48.33  
8 Kerrie Flippance OD W40 50.28  
9 Tim Webb Dunedin M50 53.31  
10 Lin Page OD W60 53.39  
11 Rachel Alexander OD W55 56.40  
12 Katherine Webb Dunedin W50 61.37  
  Leo Morgado OD M40 50.22 missing no.15
  John Bowman OD M70   retired injured

[-] Long (Length 5.3km, 23 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Chris McCartney OD M45 31.03  
2 Frances Briscoe OD W21 31.32  
3 Alfie Bullus OD M16 35.07  
4 Mike Snell OD M55 35.49  
5 Lucas Howarth Ind M21 38.25  
6 Felix Lunn OD M14 38.32  
7 Stan Alexander OD M60 38.59  
8 David Chandler OD M21 39.06  
9 Oliver Lunn OD M14 39.27  
10 Richard Markham OD M40 39.46  
11 Rob Smart OD M45 42.00  
12 Liz Phillips OD W50 42.58  
13 Geneveve Webb Dunedin W50 46.11  
14 Keith Willidig OD M65 49.19  
15 John Burrows KERNO M70 72.08  

 Organiser's Comments

Thank you for coming along. The turnout was quite pleasing especially as Coundon Park is one of our least technical areas and the holiday season was in full swing. The weather was very good (too hot some said) and there were no hills for those that had been to Scotland the week before.

I had feared that some controls would be vandalised but we escaped that until after the courses closed. There were a few surprises though, including the many football and keep fit groups who used the field by registration and also a couple of competitors found out that the marsh hadn’t dried out as much as first thought.

Thank you for your comments on the event, it is always pleasing to hear them especially when you haven’t run an evening event for some time. A big thank you must go to Bob Brandon for his guidance through the process and his invaluable and skilful running of the download. Thanks also to Bruce Bryant for the map changes from my poor notes and sketches (one of the skilful but to me one of the dark arts of orienteering) and of course to Mike Snell and Anne Straube and family for collecting the controls in so quickly.

With everything packed away in the car I set off home earlier than anticipated, thankfully just spotting that the orienteering directional sign into the car park still there!


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