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[-] Yellow (Length 1.9km, 35m climb, 12 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Josie Smart OD W10 52m 54s Shadowed after no. 3

[-] Orange (Length 3.2km, 65m climb, 14 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Pippa Smart OD W12 34m 06s  
2 John Cherry OD M14 34m 40s  
3 Sian Gardner OD W55 48m 00s  
4 John Wright OD M75 50m 24s  
5 Luke Cherry OD M12 51m 43s  
6 Rachel Alexander OD W55 52m 06s  
7 Robert Morris OD M21 57m 33s  
  Kath Wright OD W70 1hr 39m 27s M 8, 11, 14

[-] Medium (Length 3.9km, 90m climb, 19 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Liz Phillips OD W50 41m 42s m 11
2 Jane Stew OD W55 1hr 05m 53s  
3 Liz Cherry OD W45 1hr 10m 56s m 11
4 Lin Page OD W60 1hr 20m 32s  
5 Yvonne Feasey COBOC W50 1hr 40m 39s  
  Margaret Willdig OD W60 1hr 04m 11s m 15, 16, wrong order 17,18
  Leo Morgado OD M40 1hr 19m 29s m 11 - 19
  Katie Hughes + Christie Atwell IND W21 1hr 41m 23s m 11, m 17 - 19
  Bruce Bryant OD M55 28m 04s  

[-] Long (Length 4.7km, 135m climb, 22 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Richard Gardner OD M60 48m 18s m 20
2 David Chandler OD M21 52m 54s  
3 Stan Alexander OD M60 55m 33s  
4 Mike Snell OD M55 57m 21s  
5 Liz Heaton LEI W21 58m 30s  
6 Chris McCartney OD M45 56m 39s  
7 Richard Steel OD M50 57m 52s  
8 Andy Cherry OD M40 58m 38s  
9 John Pearson HOC M65 59m 23s m 20
10 Rob Smart OD M45 59m 48s  
11 Barry McGowan HOC M65 1hr 00m 52s m 20
12 Tony Feltbower OD M60 1hr 01m 05s  
13 Andrew Payne IND M50 1hr 06m 30s m 20
14 John Marriot LEI M65 1hr 12m 11s m 20
15 Phil May OD M60 1hr 27m 44s m 20
  Harrison McCartney OD M18 37m 30s wrong no. 6
  Mike Baggott HOC M60 44m 41s w 6, w F


Organiser’s Comments

Congratulations to all those who completed their course without problems!

Only 36 people turned out on a fine but blustery evening in this distant corner of OD.

It was good to have many kind comments about the courses. Although I had planned them, and had taped the control sites, I had other commitments during the day, so Bob Brandon put out most of the controls.

Unfortunately he couldn’t find my tape for control no. 135 (no. 11 on the Medium; no. 20 on the Long), and put the control nearby. This caused some confusion and loss of time, for which I apologise. I have not disqualified anyone just for missing 135.

I have to admire the tenacity of Josie who got stuck on the Yellow, came back, and then went out again with an adult to complete her full course.

We learn a lot from each of these training events like this. To look at the control codes and descriptions carefully - how could you confuse a hilltop with a tree? At the end, a few people punched our sample control instead of the finish. One person came in and tried to download on the check box which was lying close by, thus re-setting the Emit brikke and losing the time and all the splits. (Remove the check box to a safe distance!).

Thanks again to Bob for putting controls out and helping on registration, as did John Middler, and later on, Sue Bicknell.

Thanks to the control collectors – Richard and Sian, Stan and Rachel, Mike and David.

Thanks to all who came and to the rain for staying away, at least during the event.

John Bowman

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