Please see below for the link to the results.

Please see below for the link to a PDF of the results.

Warwick University Urban Results 28032015.pdf

Please see below for the link to WinSplits (for you data fans).


Organiser's Comments

I hope you all enjoyed your run around Warwick University and Science Park.

It is a good area for urban events and a planner has a choice of control sites. However, the ongoing road alterations as well as other development work around the site meant I had to make many visits to keep up with the changes.

I'd like to thanks Bruce for also visiting frequently to update the map, even driving around with a video camera so he could alter it when he got home.

With so many competitors there had to be many helpers and I'd like to thanks Liz and Graham Urquhart, Gerry and Thelma Spalton, Hilary and Trevor Simpson, Karin Kirk, Sue Hallett, John Middler, Margaret and Keith Willdig and Jane Stew for helping.

Thanks also to Phil May, Pete and Sheila Carey and Mike Snell for control collecting.

I regret we ran out of maps on some courses. Should you have given yours up for recycling and would like a copy of your course, please let me have your email and I'll forward it.

Sue Bicknell


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