For the results of the 12th Jan event at Brandon Woods, Click on the link below.


Organiser’s Comments

Thank you to all the OD members who helped at Brandon on Sunday. OD ran the organisation as efficiently as usual on the day with only a small input from myself. We were helped by the good weather of course as it is so much easier putting tents up and taking them down when it isn’t raining and/or windy. The only problem we had was the age old one of relief helpers getting back from their runs a bit on the late side and the controller was generous enough to take over on the start to cover the gap.

We had over 200 entries which was a bit higher than we had estimated with there being an East Midlands league event just over the border into Leicestershire but the 2 toilets seemed to cope OK. We did have some EMOA members at the event owing to the more attractive nature of the area. They were rewarded by the excellent courses put on by Janet who had a rough time with parts of the area being flooded, resulting in the junior courses having to be re-planned a couple of times. I’m only sorry I didn’t get to run one myself.

The West Midlands Junior Squad made £64 on their cake stall which will go towards their training. Many thanks to all who supported them.



Controllers Comments 

Due to the recent very wet weather, Janet had to change junior courses, because of the conditions by the pond. For future reference, the map could do with a bit of correction, in places. Of course, the conditions in January meant the leaves were off much of the vegetation and some of the controls were therefore very obvious. The same problem resulted from the recent thinning.

We were very lucky to finish before the weather broke again. Well done OD!; Most people seemed to enjoy their runs, despite the cold.

Brenda Morgan POTOC

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