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Planners Comments

I was sorry when we had to move from Hay Wood to Coombe Abbey but I hope you still enjoyed your outing. Your comments were all very encouraging. I am pretty sure you would not have liked Hay Wood in its current state although, hopefully, it will be restored to something like a reasonable Orienteering area.

Your pleasure was assisted by the support I received from the controller, Barry McGowan who kept me from making too many planning blunders – there were still a few but I’ll keep quiet about them. Bruce Bryant also gave much of his time to ensure all was correct on the maps. It was a shame I was not able to receive the new map before I’d done most of the planning. I did move a couple of controls on the Blue and Light Green just to prove I had looked at the new version. It does give both planners and competitors something new to look forward to next time they visit Coombe.

I must thank my husband Nick, a non Orienteer, who helped me carry the controls. This was especially useful given the shortage of daylight at this time of year. This also went not only for all the competitors who finished in good time but for the group of willing control collectors, John Middler, John Ward, Richard Gardner, Bob Brandon and especially Ondrej Bajgar who not only collected a number of controls but also swiftly (whatever Kjetil said) cycled to retrieve the one I’d missed.

Finally my congratulations to all the Club Trophy winners.

Sue Hallett


 Organiser’s Comments

Like Sue, Trevor and I were sorry to lose Hay Wood with its possibility of a WMJ cake stall, hot drinks and homemade soup but maybe another year.

Thanks to Barry McGowan for controlling and putting up with the very late decision to move the event to Coombe. Sue had the unenviable task of planning an event in a very short space of time –thanks Sue.

Coombe is a very easy place to organise especially with so many willing Droober helpers. Thanks to you all.

Hilary Simpson


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