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[-] Yellow (Length 1.9km, 10 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Holly Glover OD W12 20.59  
2 Freda & Bec Lang OD W10/40 24.17  
3 Jack McCall   M9 24.58  
4 Dylan McCall   M6 24.59  
5 Michael Walden     27.14  
6 Sally-Ann Walden     34.55  
7 Lee Hillman     35.35  
8 Henry Jeffries OD M6 35.42  
9 Max Straube-Roth OD M4 42.47  
10 Kath Wright OD W70   no time, start control not punched

[-] Tony Haw Charity Score Event (1 Hour, 10 Points per control)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimePoints
1 Stephen Elkington OD M16 54.51 160
2 Barry Elkington OD M55 56.58 160 *
3 Anne Straube OD W35 53.31 140
4 Gerry Spalton OD M65 58.56 120
5 Mary Fleming Aus W20 62.21 100
6 James Glover OD M35 58.08 90
7 Thelma Spalton OD W65 54.38 80
8 Henry Winser H8 M14 57.28 80
9 Ben & Ollie Flippance     59.24 70
10 Andrew Buckley OD   55.29 60
11 Nicholas Buckley OD M12 56.41 60
12 John Wright OD M70 59.15 60
13 Cheryl Hunnisett   W60 60.15 60
14 Henry Adams H8 M14 59.59 50
15 Yuhang Xie K8 M14 60.45 50
16 Visva Moorthy K8 M14 58.2 20


*Winner of the Tony Haw Memorial Cup.


Organiser's Comments


It was a disappointing turnout for the Tony Haw Memorial Cup Score event with only 16 competitors and some of those where comparative newcomers stretching themselves on a score course. The handicap and Cup was once again won by Barry Elkington . Well done Barry and Stephen as runner-up. The Elkingtons have now won 9 times in the 11 years of the competition. The yellow course was only put on for any newcomer and it was a sell-out of maps. Good to see families taking part.

 I found it hard work planning and organising and have decided it will have to be my last event as age has caught up with me. Positioning more controls than runners doesn’t help. The weather was almost fine - only one heavy shower and thanks to Mel, Thelma, Suzanne, John and Kath for helping.

 Sue Bicknell

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