[-] Yellow

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Sam Hart M12 OD 9.56
2 Dan Hague M12 OD 13.20
3 Matthew Kermode M10 OD 17.01
4 John Cherry M10 OD 17.05
5 Adam Kermode M12 OD 23.22
6 Ben Cole M6 29.17
7 Charlotte Harvey W12 KHVIII 37.38
Daisy Kovacs

[-] Orange

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Sam Hart/Dan Hague M12 OD 19.37
2 Joshua Jelley M14 20.48
3 Thomas Lea M16 22.29
4 Ros James W50 SMOC 23.08
5 Andy Clarke M50 NATO 26.36
6 Alfred Bullus M12 OD 29.50
7 Gursimran Kullar W14 OD 29.58
8 Jessica Harvey W16 KHVIII 31.14
9 Luke Cherry 32.38
10 Elizabeth Eldridge OD 33.05
11 Peter Vaughan M8 35.44
12 Sophie Oliver W12 OD 45.44
13 Hannah Kingsman W6 HOC 53.02

[-] Green

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Riina Kuuselo W21 OD 29.29
2 Alan Segar M35 OD 32.15
3 Sophie Kirk W20 OD 33.23
4 Thomas Honniball M21 33.48
5 Bruce Bryant M50 OD 36.33
6 Sami Takaluoma M35 OD 37.42
7 Ezra Lutton M21 OD 38.49
8 Bob Brandon M60 OD 39.29
9 William Nicholson M45 OD 40.48
10 Mark Beverley M35 OD/BAOC 40.53
11 John Middler M55 OD 42.43
12 Daniel Nolan M21 42.54
13 Toby Greaves M40 OD 43.03
14 Penny Oliver W16 OD 44.52
15 Jamie Nicolson M12 OD 46.21
16 Andy Cherry M40 49.13
17 Richard Steel M45 49.39
18 Phil May M55 OD 49.41
19 Colm Connaughton OD 51.17
20 Naomi Grayburn W21 MDOC 51.21
21 Jeremy Knott M16 OD 53.01
22 Nick Bullus M45 OD 53.59
23 Rosie Grayburn W21 MDOC 57.00
24 Faye Greaves W21 OD 57.01
25 John Boden M60 OD 57.42
26 Sue Hallett W65 OD 62.41
27 Zoe Nicolson W14 OD 67.30
28 Rich Mallinson M21 68.21
29 Jeremy Smith M45 OD 69.04
Graham Urquhart M55 OD 41.17 part 1 only
Sue Bicknell W65 OD 58.23 dnf
Martin Toms M45 dnf


Thanks to everyone for coming on what turned out to be a lovely summery evening. Particular thanks to Debbie & Barbara Morse and Sue Bicknell for running registration, and to Alan Segar, Mark Beverley, Bob Brandon and Michael Hanson-Morris for collecting controls. Also thanks to Aimee Morse for replacing control 138.

My intentions were to provide challenging but fair courses that didn’t involve gratuitous amounts of climb. Yellow is hard to plan at Burton Dassett with the lack of available line features: I hope that the taped routes didn’t make the course too trivial.

My apologies for the misreading of my all-controls map which resulted in control 135 being put out instead of 138 on the Orange course, and I’m sorry for any confusion and delay this might have caused early runners.

I also hope that not too many people were affected by the friendly members of the public who hid the two yellow controls in the wooded enclosure. Thanks for Ben Cole and his dad for a) finding the controls b) telling me where to look for them! They were well hidden!

Ant Walker

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