[-] Short 2.3k, 15 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1. Lucas Howarth Ind M21 23.05
mp Leo Morgado Ind M35 65.07 missing 15 (118)

[-] Medium 3.6k 19 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Liz Phillips OD W45 31.55
2 John Bowman OD M65 36.05
3 Sue Hallett OD W65 38.50
4 Karin Kirk OD W60 42.02
5 Irene Rogers OD W60 52.04
6 Jenny Uff HOC W60 58.04
7 Barbara Morse OD W60 72.05
Greta Greenall OD W60 45.30 missing 9-11(124,125,110)

[-] Long 5.1k 25 controls

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Harrison McCartney OD M14 33.02
2 Alan Segar OD M35 33.20
3 John Embrey HOC M50 34.43
4 Richard Dearden HOC M40 34.44
5 Mike Baggott HOC M60 38.55
6 Sophie Kirk OD W20 38.58
7 Bruce Bryant OD M50 40.21
8 Tom McComiskie Army M21 40.24
9 Tony Feltbower OD M55 41.34
10 Chris McCartney OD M40 43.25
11 Bob Brandon OD M60 44.15
12 Alan Halliday OD M55 45.33
13 Iain Tebbutt LEI M40 47.01
14 Sheila Carey OD W65 47.50
15 John Marriott LEI M60 49.27
16 Peter Carey OD M65 50.03
17 Mark Foxwell LEI M45 52.19
18 Barry McGowan HOC M60 53.52
19 Phil May OD M55 56.14
20 Dave Arnot HOC M60 56.34
21 Robert Titterington M65 56.36
22 Rob McNab RAFO M45 65.18
23 Fred Miller NATO? M60 66.28
24 Jeremy Smith OD M45 75.53
Thomas Honniball OD M21 40.17 wrong 20 (114 instead of 145)
Peter Hornsby OD M55 49.49 missing 16 (136)
Chris White Army M21 54.53 1&2 wrong way round, wrong 5 (112 instead of 124), missing 15 (117)
Sue Bicknell OD W65 60.58 missing 15 (117), missing 21 (127)
Colm Connaughton OD M35 62.07 punched 18 (138) twice, once incorrectly
Euan Tebbutt LEI M14 74.42 punched 18 (138) twice, once incorrectly
Paul Jury Army M35 18.29 retired
Henry Michongwe Army M21 46.12 retired
Sally Nortcliff COBOC W50 64.34 retired

Thank you to everyone for turning up to our first ever event and making it such an enjoyable experience, despite the threat of rain and the unseasonably strong wind trying to blow our tent away on several occasions. Having a go at planning and organising an event certainly makes you appreciate just how much effort is required. Orienteering at Pooley Fields involves putting a lot into quite a small space, so apologies if the maps looked a little "busy". We hope you still found the courses challenging enough.

We would like to thank the many helpful people who made it possible for us to put on this event. Thanks to the Pooley Fields Park Rangers for allowing us to use the Country Park, leaving the toilet block open for us and coming back to open and lock the gates. Thanks to Bruce Bryant for redrawing the map, after we’d discovered there was a major new path to the summit of the hill. Thanks to Sue Bicknell for patiently answering our numerous queries and to Bob Brandon for his advice about our courses and timely reminders on how to use Condes! Thanks to Suzanne Humphries for tipping us off as to which control numbers were available for course planning. Thanks to Liz and Graham Urquhart for help with getting the kit together. Thanks to Karin Kirk for advertising the event and to Alan Halliday for the map printing. Finally, a big thank you to all the other wonderful people who advised us during the planning process and helped on the day, especially those who hung around to help us collect controls.

Thank you all.Lin and Steph

Updated 14/07/2011: several people have informed us that competitors are not disqualified if they punch an extra control, so long as they have punched all of the controls in the correct order. This has now been corrected for Peter Carey. Sorry!!

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