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Planner/Organiser's comments:

Thank you all for coming to Everdon Stubbs a lovely small wood. The Woodland Trust kindly give us permission to run in it, however it has to be early in the year to prevent damage to its main feature a bluebell carpet in late Spring. This means the visibility is all too good in January. Orienteering would be more of a challenge later in the year. By the way if you are passing the area, it is well worth a visit to see the bluebells in late April and small clumps of wild daffodils situated near my finish in March.

I decided to gripple all controls a time-consuming activity but it only takes one rogue dog walker to spoil an event. Thank you to Mark with his help putting them out, a definite two-person job, two and a half hours for all the controls. Thank you to Bruce for his usual mapping and printing input. It was especially pleasing to see Daventry Scouts try our sport and thank you to Liz for her guidance to them. Everdon Stubbs is OD's furthest east area, so thanks to Graham coming from Solihull to provide upload and download facilities which make such a difference to an organiser. He does this job cheerfully and does not run. The results were posted before I had cleared the event up.
Thanks to my son Alastair for manning the start and collecting controls in along with Max and Anne a great help at the end of a long day.

    Richard Gardner

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