Course A, B and C results and splits are now here

Note that early finishers on courses A and C who downloaded to the small manual printer do not have their splits included in these online results.

A pdf with Easy, Short, Medium and Long results can be found here


Link to Routegadget: 

A revised version is now live which has Tsz Fung Yu's loop A splits added. Ian Hopkins and Iain Phillips have not been included on loop A as their splits were causing errors!


Planner's comments:

The area was mapped as the school wanted some permanent controls for school use – as you probably spotted whilst out on the courses – and I think the area is now a useful addition to OD’s small areas. We look forward to returning… maybe for a MapRun event later this year? Thanks go to Liz Graham from the school for sorting the permission for us to use the area and arranging for the cricket pavilion to be available for toilets.

The 3 courses seem to have been appreciated with most appearing to enjoy them. The C loop used for the Easy was perhaps a little tricky for some of the Scouts however it was a compromise to also create something suitable for use as the last loop of the Long course.

Apologies to any on the B loop who were affected when the label for control 13 (206) "fell off" to reveal a different number (250). Thanks to Anne for quickly replacing it with a temporary new label.

Graham’s computerised results have allowed most competitors split times to be available online and - with a little bit of manual editing to add the 3 missing A loop runs - for Routegadget to be available.

Finally, thanks to Liz for her help with setting everything up (and then running the start) and to the control collection volunteers, Adam, Alistair, Juliette and Duncan. who meant that everything was cleared by 4 pm.

    Bruce Bryant

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