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Planner's comments:

Thanks for all the kind compliments on my courses today, I really tried to make the best use of the area and set some interesting courses, mixing up short legs with longer, and simpler with more complex.  Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been kind to us the last few weeks. When planning 4-6 weeks ago the woodland was quite dry and I got Bruce to change quite a few water features into depressions or similar.  Then placing controls yesterday I found lots of ponds as per the old map!  Then the rain and snow we had has also made a few steep slopes quite challenging, but I still think it was comparatively less muddy than the British Champs last weekend.  For those of you running the JK next weekend, I hope today gave you a good warmup physically, technically however I suspect the Lakes will be at a higher level - good luck and see you there!!

    Alistair Landels

Controller's comments: ...

Organiser's report:
I am sure we would all want to thank Alistair Landels the planner and our controller Richard Lewis for the excellent courses helped by yet another outstanding map by Bruce Bryant
On Friday assessing the car parking in torrential rain I was getting very concerned about the parking. The forecast however was for better weather and by Saturday afternoon things had improved but were not wonderful. Thanks to Phil Kirk and his car parking team we managed to get everyone in.
I must thank the OD members who always volunteer so willingly some of whom did not compete particularly Graham Urquart on download.  Thanks to my wife Sian who worked very hard over the weekend.
Lastly, the event cannot take place without access to Bentley Woods.   Fortunately, the Merevale estate is very positive about our sport. Thank you to the Dugdale family, the owners, the land agent Rod, Celia and Kate in the office and Jason Douglas the gamekeeper who could not have been kinder and more helpful. Organising is not easy and he made my job much easier particularly by reassuring me about the car park  (I still did not sleep on Saturday night).
    Richard Gardner

Congratulations to all the West Midlands Champions: here


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