Score results can be found here

Night results can be found here  Night results will count to the OD Local League

Planner's comments:

Thanks for all those who came to Everdon for the score and night events. It was a shame the CSC qualifier was the next day as this may have deterred some from attending but we did not know this when we arranged the fixture. Conditions were perfect with a mild night and dry conditions underfoot. A lot of the undergrowth in the Stubbs has been cleared which made for good running.

Alex , Ben, Tsz Fung , Simon and Tom from Warwick University ran both events slipping off for a Chinese between. My thanks to them for collecting controls in. I managed a pint in the Farthingstone pub and the first half of the Scotland/Wales match between events.

Thanks as ever to Bruce Bryant for map updates/arranging printing/sorting out Fabian and general advice.

Also to Matt George at the Woodland trust for being so helpful in sorting out permission

        Mark Rookledge

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