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Organiser's comments

With good courses from David Leadley, today's event went extremely well.  The Droober machine had sprung into action to provide an orienteering Village in the Park'. But by 4 pm you wouldn't have known we had been there.
Many thanks to controller, Mark Garside for keeping an eye on the event, as we progressed.
Found property - one thumb compass. Contact: Bob.Brandon42(at)

Next OD WM League event is at Brandon Wood on December 4th and is now on Fabian4. If not beforehand at Malvern, I hope to see you there.

Controller's comments

It is 6 years since I last controlled on Sutton Park, whilst quite a lot has changed it was notable that there are still relatively few brambles that have blighted so many other orienteering areas. We did some updating of the map, but appreciate there is more to do for the next event. The courses made excellent use of the area and from the results and comments most enjoyed the challenges that Sutton Park can offer. Well done to David for planning his first large event and Bob for his and OD’s organisation. The day was made by the favourable weather, and it was good to see so many happily chatting to friends and rivals after their run.
Congratulations to all the 2022 WM champions and also the various winners in the RAF Orienteering versus Police Sport UK competition.
     Mark Garside (WCH)

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