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Planner's comments: 

Thank you all coming to Coombe on Wednesday evening. I have put Coombe on later in the year and suddenly realised that the sun set at 8pm (yes, I know a predictable event), so sorry if I hassled anyone to get back early. The wood was getting dark when we were collecting controls in as it was. The event being earlier in the year meant the notorious Coombe nettles were only just appearing so OD regulars were pleased. I know some people on the Medium course found the meadow section a bit tedious, but it is the only way of getting the distance up now at Coombe. Mind you the turf was lovely to run on.  Planning is limited now by the usual nature reserve bits, the west part of the wood has some very unpleasant marsh, we are not allowed in the lovely hotel arboretum, and in the special meadow we can only run on the paths. Thank you to Sian, William, Gerry, Thelma, Graham, Phil and Karin for helping and William, Mark, Jane and Margaret for help collecting in the controls which makes a big difference at the end of a long day. And ever to Bruce for the planning, mapping and printing input and Liz for checking the risk assessment.
    Richard Gardner


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