Club News by Karin Kirk

UK Urban League 2019 Results



Congratulations to club members who have achieved some great results this year competing in the UK Urban League. The league, now in its 10th year, is run at 20 different towns and cities around the UK including Edinburgh, Coventry and London. Many OD members have competed at these and from their best 6 or 7 races, depending on age category from the 20, the club is pleased to announce two national winners:


Nadine Wright W21 who scored 645 points from her best 7 races and Peter Carey M75 who achieved the maximum 600 points, from his best 6 races.



The extremely wet conditions and thick undergrowth reduced the speed of competitors around the Ashridge Forest event organised by Happy Herts Orienteering Club. William Gardner M21 was 2nd in 68.25mins and Duncan Birtwistle M21 6th in 77.53mins on the 10.7km course with 205 metres of climb. Anne Straube W40 was 2nd woman overall on this long course taking 85.53mins. Lesley Ross W50 was 4th, 1st woman, on the 7.9km course with 150 metres of climb, taking 65.58mins. Junior Max Straube-Roth M10 was 2nd in 31.56mins on the Orange 2.9km course.