Club News by Karin Kirk


The West Midland League event on Worcester Beacon, Malvern, organised by Harlequins Orienteering Club, saw club members competing on some really tough steep inclines, with areas covered in brambles and bracken.

On the 5km course with 250 metres of climb Chris McCartney M50 was 1st in 46.56mins, David Leadley M55 2nd in 48.44mins, Tom Jeffries M50 4th in 50.38mins and Anne Straube W45 was the leading lady on this course taking 56.26mins. On the longest 7km course with 335 metres of climb Alistair Landels M50 was 2nd in 64.45mins.

Juliette Soulard W60 was 2nd in 44.16mins and Barry Elkington M65 4th in 44.50mins on the 3.8km course. On the 2.7km course Sheila Carey W75 was 2nd in 37.57minsand Peter Carey M75 6th in 43.16mins. Two club juniors took 1st places on their courses: Max Straube-Roth M12 in 45.47mins on the 2.9km course and Henry Jeffries M14 took 23.24mins on the 2.2km course.

Octavian Droobers, current league leaders were also competing for West Midland Championship trophies, results of which will be announced soon.

The local charity event, at Itchington Holt, near Harbury, proved popular, and 8 runners managed to find all 27 controls within the time limit of 45minutes. Fastest male runner was Ben Windsor taking 28.29mins and fastest female was Kirsten Strain in 38.56mins.

Newcomers Mollie McAinsh was 1st and Jessica Gilder 2nd on the short Yellow course.

For details of how to take part in this fun outdoor active sport see website,, or contact Karin Kirk 01926 632189.


Resumption of the annual November Classic weekend was well received by orienteers of all ages from across the country. The weekend began on Saturday with an urban race in Salisbury, organised by Sarum Orienteering Club, with courses starting and finishing close to the Cathedral and climbing up into residential areas to the west of the city.

Sue Bicknell was 1st in the Womens Hyper Vet class taking 52.34mins on the 3.4km course, Chris McCartney was 2nd in the 6km Mens Vets class in 40.08mins and Mike Hampton was 3rd in the Mens Hyper Vet class taking 43.10mins on the 3.4km course.  

Sunday saw the classic cross country event in the New Forest and featured marshes, heather and some wooded areas. The start and finish were located to the West of Ocknell camp site and organised by Southampton Orienteering Club. Nine courses were planned and Octavian Droobers members has some good runs:  Sue Bicknell W75 was 4th on the 3km course in 47.34mins, Chris McCartney was 6th M50 on the Short Brown 9.9km in 80.46mins, Barry Elkington was 1st M65 in 60.45mins on the Blue 8km course and Lesley Ross was 1st W55 on the same course in 72.23mins. Max Straube-Roth was 3rd placed M12 on the 4.5km Light Green course taking 69.06mins,  Anne Straube was 1st W45 on the Short Blue 6.9km course in 57.38mins, Trevor Simpson was 4th M80 on the Short Green 4.1km course and Hilary Simpson 4th W80 in 53.47mins on the 3km course.

Club members will be competing locally this weekend at Itchington Holt and in the West Midlands championships at Worcester Beacon in the Malvern Hills. For details of how to take part in this fun outdoor active sport see website,, or contact Karin Kirk 01926 632189