Octavian Droobers have won the 2021 West Midlands League. The deciding event was the popular Brandon Wood, near Coventry, where club members excelled and finished with 5252 points ahead of Wrekin Orienteers 4722 and Harlequins Orienteering Club 4712.

Taking the best scores in age classes from 4 of the 7 league events, the 25 club members who achieved these winning points were: Max Straube-Roth M12, Rupert Powell M14, Mykyta Chubynsky M45 Alistair Powell M40, Chris McCartney M50, David Leadley M55, Liz Phillips W55, Anne Straube W45, Peter Carey M75, Trevor Simpson M80, Sheila Carey W75, Hilary Simpson W80, Karin Kirk W70, Stan Alexander M65 and John Middler M65.

At Brandon Wood the top 10 places earned by club orienteers on each of the courses were: Alistair Landels M50 1st in 54.47mins, 2nd Robert Gardner M21 56.53mins, 3rd Alistair Powell M40 58.44mins, 9th Philip Ainsley M21 74.39mins and 10th Mark Rookledge M55 80.30mins all running on the longest Brown 8.8km course.

On the Blue 7.3km course, Chris McCartney M50 was 4th in 56.04mins, 6th Tom Jeffries M50 60.43mins, 8th David Lawson M55 61.57mins, 9th Harriet Lawson W21 63.21mins and 10th David Leadley M55 63.41mins. Liz Phillips W55 was 6th in 47.29mins and Stan Alexander M65 7th 48.28mins on the Green 4.6km Course. Peter Carey M75 won the Short Green course in 36.41mins, Mike Hampton M75 was 2nd in 37.11mins, 5th Sheila Carey W75 42.27mins and 8th Margaret Willdig W65 44.49mins.

Rupert Powell M14 won the Light Green 3.1km course taking 51.51mins, 2nd Ashley Knott M21 55.18mins and 3rd Erin Weatherstone W21. Nicola Gilder W40 was 4th on the Orange 2.9km course 39.45mins, Lesley Allen W60 8th 59.23mins and 10th Molly McAisnh W18 74.58mins.  Max Straube-Roth M12 won the Yellow 2.6km course in 17.26mins and Adam Landels M12 was 2nd in 27.33mins. New junior Jessica Gilder completed the 1.6km White course in 43.45mins and is now on her way to earning her White badge.

The club welcomed 26 primary school children who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. For many it was their first time competing at an event.

For details of how to take part in this fun outdoor active sport see website, www.octavian-droobers.org, email information@octavian-droobers.org or contact Karin Kirk 01926 632189.

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