Wrockwardine Wood, near Telford was the venue for the Wrekin organised West Midlands league. Octavian Droober juniors were on good form: Luke Cherry M16 had a great run coming in 1st on the Green 4.4km course in 36.05mins, Adam Landels M12 was 2nd on the Orange 2.5km course taking 37.24mins, only 43 seconds behind the winner and Rupert Powell M14 was 5th in 46.04mins also on the Orange course.


Top adult runners for the club were: Alistair Landels M50 1st in 44.15mins and Chris McCartney M50 2nd in 47.22mins on the Blue 6km course and Pippa Smart W18 3rd woman also on the Blue taking 70.24mins; Alistair Powell M40 2nd on the 7.6km course taking 51.28mins. Keith Willdig M70 4th in 41.34mins and new club member Stuart Turnbull M50 8th in 43.53mins on the 4.4km Green course; Peter Carey M75 was 1st in 46.47mins, Sheila Carey W70 4th in 48.29mins and Joanne Leigh W50 6th in 54.48mins on the Short Green 3.4km course.

Edinburgh Big Weekend, celebrating Burns Night, saw Octavian Droober Elite runners Nathan Lawson M21 winning the 9.2km course on Arthur’s Seat with 610 metres of climb in taking only 59.47mins and Philip Vokes M21 was 11th in 69.21mins. The urban Edinburgh city race saw Nathan 2nd in 49.42mins and Philip 4th in 53.43mins on the Open Mens 9.3km course. On the night race on Calton Hill, Nathan was placed 2nd and Philip 3rd on the Long 5.575km course.


Near Guildford at the ‘Fairly Far Farley’ event Anne Straube W45 was 3rd woman taking 57.31mins on the Black 6.4km course and Liz Phillips was 3rd W55 in 46.58mins on the Green 4km course. Trevor Simpson M80 was 8th on the Short Green 3.3km course taking 47.07mins and Max Straube-Roth M12 was 5th in 23.34mins on the Orange 2km course.

28th Jan 2020

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