Campus and Moorland Results


This weekend OD club members travelled mainly north to compete in orienteering events with varying complexity and distances. The campus at Nottingham University and High Fields Park was the venue for an urban race organised by Nottingham Orienteering Club. A number of club members competed very well coming in the top 10 in their age classes: congratulations to Nathan Lawson M21 who won the Mens Open 9.2km course taking 49.40mins and Kin Wai Lee M21 who was 7th in 59.59mins, David Lawson M55 won the Mens Super Vet 6.8km course in 39.01mins and Andy Emmerson M60 came 4th in 43.37mins, Richard Gardner M65 won the Mens Ultra Vet 4.2km course in 32.36mins, Keith Willdig M70 was 6th in 38.29mins, Mike Hampton M70 8th in 40.06mins and Peter Carey M75 9th in 40.15mins.


Ka Man Leung W21 was 2nd on the Womens Open 7.6km course in 54.15mins. Jill Emmerson W55 was 3rd in 41.08mins, Sheila Carey W70 5th in 43.21mins and Margaret Willdig W65 9th in 49.06mins on the Womens Super Vet 4.2km course. Karin Kirk W70 was 5th woman on the Womens Ultra Vet 3.3km course in 39.22mins.

At Bethecar Moor in the Lake District Matthew Elkington M21 was 2nd in 51.54mins on the 8.5km Brown course with 330 metres of climb and Alistair Landels M50 was 14th in 68.38mins. Juniors – Adam Landels M10 was 3rd on the Orange 2.2km course in 33.15mins and Max Straube-Roth M10 8th in 37.56mins.


The middle distance event at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire, featured huge rocks and crags on land managed by National Trust and was likened to bouldering. Bruce Bryant M60 was 5th on the Blue 3.1km course in 48.38mins and Liz Phillips W55 also 5th on the Green 2.6km course taking 51.12mins.

26th November 2019


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