Weekend Urban and Forest results


Walton Chasers staged a 50th anniversary event this weekend. Jacob Oxtoby M16 was the winner of the Mens Junior 3.4km urban race around the streets of Tamworth taking 26.06mins to find all his controls, David Knott M16 was 3rd and Lewis Oxtoby M14 4th. Chris McCartney M50 was 2nd on the Mens Vet course of 6.7km taking 43.30mins and Rob Bambrook M45 was 6th.  David Lawson M55 was 3rd on the Mens Super Vet course in 46.32mins and Mike Hampton M70 4th on the Mens Ultra Vet course. Peter Carey M75 won the Mens Hyper Vet course of 3.2km in 25.55mins.

Josie Smart W14 won the Womens Junior 3.4km course in 51.52mins. 4th place went to Michelle Oxtoby W45 on the Womens Vet course and Liz Phillips W55 was 2nd on the Womens Super Vet course. Sheila Carey W70 was 2nd and Hilary May W65 5th on the Womens Ultra Vet course.   

The Forest of Dean with its mix of coniferous and deciduous woodland was the venue for North Gloucester Orienteering Clubs middle distance event at Knockalls Enclosure. The six different courses saw several OD’s perform very well. Anne Straube W40 was top woman and 4th overall on the longest course (Brown), in a time of 48.58mins. Bruce Bryant M60 was top OD on the Blue coming in 4th in 55.55mins. On the Green course Liz Phillips W55 was 3rd in 50.57mins and Mike Baggott M65 6th. Junior, Max Straube-Roth M10 was 2nd in 24.45min on the Orange course.

16th July 2019


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