Congratulations to the many club members who competed in the national annual Championships which took place in Yorkshire. There were 3 different British championship disciplines: a Mixed Sprint Relay, Long and Relay.


At the Long distance championships OD junior Max Straube-Roth was 4th in the M10 class in 20.25mins achieving a gold time. In the M21 Elite class 4 achieved their gold time on the 16km course with 655 metres of climb – Matthew Elkington 8th in 89.54mins, William Gardner 9th in 90.16mins, Nathan Lawson 11th in 90.50mins and Duncan Birtwistle 16th in 95.04mins. Other Gold time achievers in their age classes were: Alistair Landels 20th on the M50 course, Barry Elkington 16th on the M60 course, Richard Gardner M65 13th, Keith Willdig M70 17th, Juliette Soulard W45 13th, Lesley Ross W50 4th, Sheila Carey W70 6th and Hilary Simpson W80 5th.


Kirsten Strain, Helen Elkington and Harriet Lawson were the British Relay champions in the Womens Short relay race and in the Mens Premier Relay race the team of Nathan Lawson, Matthew Elkington and William Gardner were placed 4th. In the M40 relay race Alistair Powell, David Lawson and Alistair Landels were 4th and in the W40 race Lesley Ross, Juliette Soulard and Anne Straube were placed 2nd. Barry Elkington, Bruce Bryant and Richard Gardner were 4th in the M60 relay and in the mini junior relay Adam Landels, Rupert Powell and Max Straube-Roth were 4th.


The mixed sprint relays saw a 9th place for the team of Helen Elkington, William Gardner, Matthew Elkington and Harriet Lawson. Barry Elkington, Liz Phillips and Bruce Bryant were 10th in the Super Vet class and Mike Hampton, Sheila Carey and Pete Carey were 9th in the Ultra Vets class


A slightly damp start to the evening did not deter participants from competing around the park. Bob Brandon staged 4 differing courses and on the Easy 1.6km course Fin Prince M12 found all 12 controls in a very speedy 11.41mins, juniors Nancy and Eric Spencer were 2nd in 14.33mins and new club junior member Jessica Thacker W8 was 3rd in 24.11mins followed by sisters, Holly and Sophie Thacker. Greg Harris M40 was 1st in 18.29mins, Dermot Lynch M45 was 2nd in 22.30mins and Giedre Mockute M21 3rd in 22.46mins on the Medium course 3.2km with 21 controls. Felix Lunn M18 won the Long 5.3km course with 22 controls in 23.33mins, Russell Finch M50 was 2nd in 27.50mins and Harriet Lawson W21 was 3rd in 27.59mins. Sam Leadley M20 was the winner of the 45 score course finding all 31 controls in 17.14mins, Mark Rookledge M50 was 2nd in 20.09 and David Leadley M55 3rd in 21.31mins.

7th May 2019


Kirsten Strain, Harriet Lawson and Helen Elkington proud winners of the  Womens Short class at the British Relay Orienteering Championships


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