Octavian Droobers, West Midlands League leaders, performed well at the Badgerslade event organised by Walton Chasers Orienteering Club. The worst of the weather held off until after the event had finished and many club members were pleased with their results running through the woods, crossing paths and avoiding most of the brambles.


Top performer on the longest course, 8.2km with 190 metres of climb, was Oliver Flippance M18 who took 55.41mins to find 19 controls. Alistair Landels M50 was 7th in 58.19mins, club captain, Alistair Powell M40 8th in 60.28mins, Sam Leadley M20 10th in 61.20mins and Anne Straube W40 top woman in 72.46mins all on the same course. On the 6.7km Blue course with 180 metres of climb Barry Elkington M60 was 5th in 52.51mins and Lesley Ross W50 10th in 56.05mins. Felix Lunn M18 was 3rd on the 4.6km Green course taking 46.08mins, Bruce Bryant M60 5th in 46.53mins and Florence Lunn W16 top female junior in 55.06mins.

Bob Brandon M70 was again the winner of the Short Green 3.3km course taking 39.59mins earning him 100 points to add to his league position, Eoin Hankinson M16 was 4th in 41.43mins, Peter Carey M75 5th in 42.48mins and Margaret Willdig W65 10th in 50.15mins. Josie Smart W14 took 3rd place on the Light Green 3.6km course in 67.14mins and Hilary May W65 was 5th in 86.24mins. Young junior results: Max Straube-Roth M10 4th in 61.24mins on the 2.8km Orange course; on the Yellow 2.3km course: Rupert Powell M10 2nd in 23.27mins, Edward Powell M10 6th in 29.50mins, Rory Sarkies M12 7th in 30.38mins, Hattie Sarkies W10 8th in 33.47mins, Isla Prince W14 9th in 33.54mins.


Oversley Wood After Dark Results:


Mike Baggott organised a 60 minute score event, find as many controls as possible in the dark using head torches, around the woods at Oversley. Nathan Chapple M16 found 21, scoring 210 points, within the time limit to finish in first place. Adrian Pickles M60 was 2nd scoring 190 points and John Smith M55 3rd with 170 points.

5th News 2019


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