Euro selection - Congratulations to Matthew Elkington who has been selected to represent GB in the Euromeeting taking place in September in Denmark.

TAMAR TRIPLE – Devon Coast and Exeter University campus
The biannual event this year was enjoyed by several club members and blessed with fine weather and sunshine. The first of the three races were held around the extensive Exeter University Campus and Alistair Landels M50 was the winner on the Mens Veteran 4.6km course taking 36.29mins with Alistair Powell M40 5th in 38.52mins. Lesley Ross W50 was 2nd in 35.01mins on the Womens Veteran 4km course.

The 2nd and 3rd races were held on the huge sand dunes at Braunton Burrows on the north Devon coast. The first race, long, saw Alistair Landels coming 5th on the 10km Black course in 79.15mins as was Alistair Powell in 76.17mins on the Brown 8.6km course. Bruce Bryant M60 had a great win on the 4.6km Green course taking 45.38mins. Rupert Powell M10 was 1st on the White 1.9km course taking 15.43mins. Rachel Alexander W60 was 4th on the Very Short Green 3.5km course in 82.17mins.

The middle distance race saw more club successes: 1st for Lesley Ross on the W40 4km course taking 36.25mins, 3rd for Juliette Soulard on the W45 38.35mins, 3rd for Liz Phillips on the W50 3.1km course in 36.19mins and 7th for Jill Emmerson in 39.59mins. Juniors took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places on the White 1.5km course – Rupert Powell 12.09mins, Adam Landels 15.25mins and Edward Powell 15.47mins. Alistair Landels was 5th on the M21 5.2km course in 37.59mins and Alistair Powell M40 4th on his 5.2km course in 60.44mins. Chris McCartney M45 was 9th on the 4.5km course in 46.30mins. On the M60 4km course, 4th went to Bruce Bryant 36.52mins, 6th Barry Elkington 39.02mins and 9th Andy Emmerson 42.01mins.

Lichfield Urban Race - Successes recorded at Lichfield West Midlands Urban League event staged by Walton Chasers were: Lewis Oxtoby M14 3rd on the 3.2km Mens Junior course in 42.39mins, Sam Leadley M18 3rd in 50.52mins on the Mens Open 7.5km course and Kin Kwan Kwok M21 was 5th in 51.58mins, Mike Wheeler M45 3rd in 40.40 and Chris McCartney M45 4th in 41.41mins on the Mens Super Vet 6km course, Mike Snell M60 4th on the Mens super Vet 4.6km course in 32.35mins, Roman Kotecky M65 4th in 30.26mins on the Mens Ultra Vet 3.5km course and Rob Smart was 1st on the 2.9km course in 30.29mins.

Pippa Smart W16 was 2nd in 23.24mins and Josie Smart W14 3rd in 28.39mins on the Womens Junior 3.2km course. Nadine Wright W21 won the 6km Womens Open course taking 64.11mins, Lesley Ross W50 was 4th in 35.04mins and Liz Phillips W50 5th in 39.51mins on the Womens Veteran 4.6km course. Sheila Carey W70 was 5th on the Womens Super Vet 3.5km course in 36.11mins. Sue Hallett W70 was 2nd in 34.21mins on the 2.9km Womens Ultra Vet course

5th June 2018

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