Caddihoe Chase and Lancaster Urban and Sprint Race Results

Sarum Orienteers organised the annual Caddihoe Chase weekend in Wiltshire at Perham Down on Day 1 on the colour coded courses: Peter Carey M70 won the Green 4.2km course with 100 metres of climb in 44.26mins. Sheila Carey was 1st on the Short Green 3.8km course with 100 metres of climb taking 38.09mins to find 11 controls. On the Short Brown 7.1km course Mykyta Chubynsky M40 was 8th in 69.34mins. Carolyn Marr was 3rd on the Very Short Green 3.1km course in 57.53mins. In the age class courses: Dave Marr M65 was 7th in his age class on the 5.2km in 49.52mins. Anne Straube was 1st on the W40 age class 6.2km course in 52.24mins.

Day 2, a chasing start, saw Peter Carey placed 2nd but he maintained his 1st position with an overall combined time of 95.48mins, 8 mins ahead of nearest competitors. Sheila Carey did the double and was 1st on Day 2 also, with an overall time of 53.32mins. Mykyta Chubynsky ended up 3rd overall with a total time of 176.39mins. Carolyn Marr advanced to 3rd place overall after completing Day 2 in 5th position. Dave Marr advanced his position to 5th place by finishing 2nd on Day 2 with in a combined time of 104.58mins.

Lancaster University Sprint and Urban City weekend attracted many orienteers. At the University Sprint Championships Liz Phillips was placed 7th overall with an 8th place in the A Sprint and 7th in Sprint B. At the Urban city race Bruce Bryant M60 was 6th in the Ultravet Men 5.1km race taking 46.32mins and Mike Hampton M70 was 10th in 49.55mins. Liz Phillips W50 was 7th Veteran Woman on the 5.9km race in 61.13mins.

Other results: in Suffolk at Ickworth Park, Roman Kotecky M70 was 9th on the 4.8km Green course in 54.02mins.

24th Sept 2018

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