Results from Dymock Forest

On the longest course Brown 9.2km with 245 metres of climb, Ben Flippance M35 took 105.53mins to come 9th and David Chandler M21 was 10th in 129.21mins. The event run by Harlequins Orienteering Club in Dymock Forest, used some tough and complex terrain, with much of the area covered by brambles, crisscrossed by a wet, muddy path network, and runners had to negotiate fallen branches searching for controls.

David Leadley M50 won the Blue 7km course with 170 metres of climb in 61.07mins, Chris McCartney M45 was 3rd in 62.20mins and Barry Elkington M60 was 7th in 68.12mins. Bruce Bryant M55 was 5th on the Green 4.4km course in 48.34mins, Stan Alexander M60 7th in 50.20mins and Liz Phillips W50 9th in 51.19mins. Sheila Carey W70 won the Short Green 3.7km course in 45.09mins, Peter Carey M70 was 3rd in 48.58mins, John Bowman M70 6th in 57.04mins.

Juniors from the club did very well: Pippa Smart W14 was 1st on the Light Green 3.5km course in 50.27mins and Cameron Williams-Stein M14 2nd in 53.06mins. Florence Lunn W12 was 1st on the Orange 3.2km course in 29.38mins, Peter Markham M12 2nd in 31.26mins, Tabitha Lunn W12 3rd in 38.47mins and Finley Flippance M12 4th in 40.13mins. Josie Smart W12 was 2nd in 24.33mins on the Yellow 2.5km course and Tilly Flippance W10 was 5th 50.16mins. the youngest juniors also ran well: Finn Williams-Stein M10 was 1st on the White 2.1km course in 17.13mins and Max Straube-Roth M10 was 2nd in 27.28mins.     

6th Dec 2016

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