This weekend club members very successfully competed in the British Sprint and Middle Distance Orienteering Championships. The two events were held this year in London and Surrey. The eagerly anticipated Sprint Championships took place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London attracting 1600 runners of all ages from around the UK.  Felix Lunn M14 had an outstanding run at this event qualifying in the morning heats to finish first in the A Final and become British Sprint Champion in the M14 class in 16.41mins on the 3.1km course.
The lunchtime RAF fly pass for the Queens birthday, including spitfires and the Red Arrows, lifted the spirits encouraging more podium places in the A Finals for the club despite competing around the famous Olympic stadiums in heavy continuous rain. Florence Lunn came 2nd in the Final in the W14 class in 15.46mins on the 2km course, Mike Hampton was 2nd in 17.34mins on the 2.5km M70 course, Sheila Carey was 2nd in 18.26mins on the 2km W70 course and Anne Straube was 3rd in 19.57mins on the 3.1km W40 course. 
The following day the British Middle Distance Championships were held at Leith Hill, Surrey, and the very wet conditions made running along the tracks, through bracken and across brashings in the wood quite tricky. Congratulations to the 4 new 2016 OD club member champions:   Harrison McCartney M18 winning his class in 48.41mins on the 5.5km course; Andy Simpson M40 class winner taking 43.57mins on the 5.1km course; Liz Phillips 1st in 50.55mins on the W50 3.7km course and Hilary Simpson also 1st on the W75 2.3km course in 67.53mins.
Other Podium places:  Class M14 2nd place for Oliver Lunn 20.41mins on the 2.4km course and 3rd for Felix Lunn 21.06mins, Class M20 3rd for Nathan Lawson 41.18mins on the 5.5km course and Class W20 2nd for Julie Emmerson 43.56mins on the 4.5km course.
14th June 2016
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