After 4 events in the West Midlands League, Octavian Droobers are in top place with a score of 4322 points, earned by the top performing 25 club members and are well ahead of next placed Wrekin on 3922 points. Peter Carey M70 is leading with 400 points having won his class in all four events.

The 4th league event at Longdon Wood in the Wyre Forest, organised by Harlequin Orienteering Club, saw Mateusz Podsiadly M21, back from competing in the annual International Portuguese 4 day competition, coming 1st on the longest Brown 8.3km course in 63.02mins and David Leadley M50 5th in 70.03mins on the same course. Other top runs were achieved by Nathan Chapple M14 1st on the Light Green 3.7km course taking 59.45mins, Florence Lunn W12 1st in 43.24mins and Tabitha Lunn 3rd in 51.34mins on the Orange 3.5km course. Oliver Lunn M14 was 2nd in 45.29mins on the Green 5.4km course and Sam Leadley M16 was top junior on the Blue 6.2km course with 175 metres of climb taking 59.30mins. Third place was won by Sheila Carey W70 on the Short Green 4.5km course in 51.17mins.

After a great club coaching weekend in the Forest of Dean, several club members went on to do well at the regional BOK Trot, organised by Bristol Orienteering Club at Brierley in the Forest of Dean. Matthew Elkington M21 was on great form and came first on the longest Black 9.3km course with 515metres of climb finding all 28 controls in 1.06.57mins. Kirsten Strain W21 was 2nd woman on the Brown 8.2km course with 490metres of climb taking 91.17mins. Alfie Bullus was top junior on the Blue 5.4km course taking 76.11mins. Will Gardner M21 was 1st on the Short Blue 4.6km course in 36.57mins. Oliver Lunn M14 was 3rd on the Green 3.9km course with 220 metres of climb taking 42.05mins; Oliver Flippance was 4th in 42.19mins and Felix Flippance 7th in 48.07mins. Nathan Chapple M14 was 5th on the Light Green 3km course in 46.20mins.  Florence Lunn W12 was 5th in 30.52mins and Tabitha Lunn W12 6th in 35.50mins on the Orange 2.5km course.

16th Feb 2016

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