At the CompassSport Cup Qualifier held at Eastnor Park and South Malvern, organised by Harlequins Orienteering Club, Octavian Droobers scored 2452 points holding off home club Harlequins (2385points) and North Gloucester (2375 points).  Club Captain, Alistair Powell, praised the fantastic effort by all involved and the great turnout of over 60 competitors. High hopes we can compete as well in the national interclub final which will be on Sunday 18 October at Helsington Barrow, near Kendal.

The steeply contoured wooded and open rough areas including extensive bramble thickets affected route choices for everyone. The twenty five top club members who scored were 5 from the Juniors:  Stephen Elkington M18 with a maximum of 100 points, taking 54.50mins on the Junior Men 4.2km course with 160 metres, Ella-Rose McCartney W16 100 points, 69.13mins on the Junior Women 3.6km course, Oliver Lunn M14 100 points 28.14mins and Felix Lunn M14 96 points 34.55mins both on the Orange Men 2.6km course and Pippa Smart W12 96 points 60.50mins on the Orange Women 2.6km course.

Top senior scorers were: Peter Carey M70 100 points 48.59mins, Sheila Carey W65 99 points 49.34mins and Trevor Simpson M75 97 points 54.33mins on the Short Green Vets 3.6km course. Richard Gardner M60 scored 99 points 48.59mins and Tony Feltbower M60 97 points 52.29mins on the Green Men 4.2km course and on the Green Women 4.1km course Lesley Ross W45 was 1st scoring 100 points 42.40mins, Rachel Emmerson W20 99 points 53mins and Liz Phillips W50 98 points 57.27mins. David Leadley M50 scored 99 points 69.12mins, David Lawson M50 97 points 71.50mins and Barry Elkington M55 95 points 73mins on the Blue Men 6km course with 200 metres of climb. On the Blue Women 6km course OD ladies took the top 3 places with Julie Emmerson W20 1st scoring 100 points taking 59.48mins, 11 minutes ahead of second placed Toni Oā€™Donovan W35 99 points 71.35mins, 3rd Kirsten Strain W21 98 points 72.49mins and 5th Anne Straube W40 96 points 78.12mins.

On the longer courses Nathan Lawson M18 scored 98 points and came 3rd on the Short Brown 6.9km course with 300 metres of climb taking 73.47mins and Chris McCartney M45 was 6th 96 points and 94.44mins. Andy Simpson M40 was top OD runner on the 7.8km course with 315metres of climb taking 68.05mins and scoring 99 points, Mateusz Podsiadly M20 was 3rd in 74.17mins scoring 98 points and Harrison McCartney M18 5th in 77.49mins and 96 points.

17th March 2015

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