Lake District 5 Days 2014 - OD Champions

The Lake District 5 Days takes place every four years and this year saw races on very different areas ranging from open fell to intricate forest, but all technically challenging. Over thirty club members travelled to the Southern Lakes to take part.

The races take place on five days with a competitor's best four positions counting towards the final overall results. Anne Straube was the overall winner on W35 Long with two first and two second places, whilst Hilary Simpson had a first, two seconds and a third place to finish as runner-up on W75 Long.

Matt Elkington, competing in the M20 Long class, won the first four days in succession, placing him in first position overall. Younger brother Stephen won three out of the five races and was second on the other two days, giving him first place overall in M18 Short. Harrison McCartney racing on M16 Long alternated between third and first position over the five days, but still managed to take first place overall.

There were some other top ten positions for club members. Carolyn Marr was placed 7th overall on W65 Long; Alastair Powell 9th on M35 Long; Daniel Roth 8th on M40 Short; Trevor Simpson 7th on M75 Long.

In the two top classes, Iain Embrey was 6th on two days in succession in the M21 Long whilst Julie Emmerson was placed 5th, 3rd and 7th on the three days she ran W21 Long. There were also a win for Nathan Lawson on Day 2 on M18L.

10th Aug 2014

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