Events in Coventry, Sussex, Edinburgh and Derbyshire attracted many club members over the weekend.

The Concorde Chase Regional event attracting 600 competitors was organised by Berkshire Orienteers and staged near Sandhurst in Sussex. Harrison McCartney came second overall and the first M16 on the Short Brown 7.6k course with 240 metres of climb in 52.03mins. Julie Emmerson was the 1st W18 on the Blue 6.5k course with 220 metres of climb in 51.04mins. On the longest course, Black 11.8k with 355metres of climb Sophie Kirk was the 2nd W21 in 1.37.26mins. Ella-Rose McCartney W14 came 2nd in 46.05mins in her age group on the Light Green 3.2k course and father Chris McCartney M40 was 3rd in his class on the Brown 9.6k course with 305metres of climb in 1.16.21mins.

At the Edinburgh Burns Big Weekend, Mike Hampton continued his winning streak at the first Nopesport Urban League event of 2013 around Edinburgh City. He came 1st in the Ultra Vet 65+ class in 27.05mins over the 3.375k course visiting 21 controls around the city.

Several club members had good runs around the grounds of Calke Abbey, Derbyshire, at the colour coded East Midlands regional event. Nathan Lawson M16 came 2nd on the Blue 6.7k course with 115metres of climb in 42.04mins and father David Lawson M50 was 7th on the long Brown 9k with 190 metres of climb in 58.58mins. Jane Stew W55 achieved her Short Green standard on the 3.7k course in 48.09mins.

The bright sunny morning, with still some snow on the ground at Wainbody Woods, Coventry, attracted many new members and newcomers. Phil Kirk organised 3 courses using the new maps. Luke Cherry M8 whizzed around the 1.4k Yellow course in 14.11mins and newcomer Robert Leyden M8 was 2nd in 20.20mins and brother Peter Leyden M10 3rd in 21.27mins. On the Orange 2.4k course visitor Julia Curtis W21 came 1st in 31.31mins just ahead of Mark Leyden M14 in 31.24mins and father Tom Leyden M45 31.43mins. Iain Embrey M21 flew round the Green 4k course with 23 controls in 21.58mins; in second place was Chris McCartney M40 31.37min and Aleksandrs Ivanovs M21 3rd in 33.38mins.

29th January 2013

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